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Metering / Regulation

B34 Commercial Gas Regulator

The B34 is appropriate for many commercial and industrial uses such as gas engines, burners, furnaces, and boilers. The rapid response of the B34 is particularly well-suited for mid-range applications where quick on/off loads cause shock problems... more

B34S Medium Duty Commercial Regulator

The B34S is a spring-loaded, self-operated regulator available with or without internal relief. It combines the B31 8" diaphragm case with the B34 valve assembly for an economical solution to mid-range commercial and industrial applications.... more

B42 Residential Gas Regulator

The B42 is a spring loaded self-operated regulator with internal relief option. The B42 features a molded diaphragm, 6:1 lever ratio and a one inch vent. The benefit is a lighter more compact unit that provides the power, capacity and relief... more

Metris 250 Gas Meter

The METRIS 250 gas meter is uniquely constructed to give utilities the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.  It is designed to increase your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your total costs by... more

Pipeline Marking / Location Products

Acoustic Pipe Locator - APL

ULTRA-TRAC ® ... more

Directional Entry Tool

Directional Entry Tool

• Enables vertical insertion of tracer rods and... more

DUCT HUNTER Non-Invasive Detectable Rodders

Utilizing the robust frame and reel construction our customers have come to depend on, the Duct Hunter™ incorporates a copper trace wire in the rod for locating and tracing underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching.

Electrofusion Insertion Tapping Tee

Electrofusion Insertion Tapping Tee For 2”... more

Live Gas Line Locating and Tracing

Jameson's gas line tracing kits feature a fiberglass rod with tracer wire, grounding and integrated stuffing Box for locating live lines with no blow by. Models available for tracing service lines from meter to the main line (laterals) and for... more

Tracer Wire

EGW stocks tracer wire for all sectors of the utility industry. We stock yellow, blue, green, and red with other colors available. We can do put ups from 500 to 2500 feet. We stock copper clad and THHN as well.


Piping Products / Services

Coil Pipe Trailer

PLCS trailers are only as long as a pick-up truck (less than 1' x 8').

They are invaluable in tight city streets yet can also lay high volumes of pipe, at high speed, across country. The coil bay can handle PE and HDPE coils up to 54" wide... more

Compression Coupling Encapsulation

Dresser Style 90 and NORMAC Compression Coupling Encapsulation

  • Permanently seal leaks on 3/4" to 2" metallic compression type couplings.
  • Thousands have already been installed, saving millions of dollars.
  • ... more
Denso Petrolatum Tape System

Denso’s Petrolatum Tapes or Wax Tapes have been around over 80 years, with Denso Tape being the first one developed. These high performance petrolatum tape products provide above and below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings,... more

Denso Protal Liquid Coatings

Protal is Denso’s line of protective pipeline coatings that can be applied by hand or spray method. We offer a full range of fast cure, high build epoxies for a variety of above and below ground corrosion protection. Our Protal Liquid coatings... more

Safe-T- Stopper

Advanced Control-Gas tooling technology for service-tee renewal and abandonment.
10 to 15 minute operation without the release of gas

The Safe-T-Stopper® is specifically designed to allow for open gut, pipe tees,... more

Tensile Max Coupling Restraint System

Transform any non-leaking coupling into a Restraint Coupling without removing it from the pipe and without welding or shutting down a live pipeline.

  • Prevents coupling pull-out.
  • Fast and simple installation by your... more
Trident Seal Live Natural Gas Repair Kit

Trident-Seal®, live natural gas repair system permanently seals active leaks, up to 60 psi (4 bar) without interruption to service. This kit is pre-packaged to contain enough material to repair a... more


Air Rammer

The Airammer is a pneumatically powered rammer. It eliminates a long list of engine related problems. There are no fuel or fuel mixing issues, no carburetor, no spark plug, no exhaust ports or muffler to foul with carbon, no... more

Ergo Tamp

Pole tampers or "pogo sticks" are an everyday tool of the trade for utility field operations. Pole tampers are small, effective soil compactors, appropriate for use in highly confined areas and capable of achieving geo-technical goals over a wide... more

Soil Compaction Supervisor SCS2

If ever there was a need for a "fresh approach," it is in the area of small excavation reinstatement. Municipalities are frustrated with pavement failure over and around utility excavations. Utilities decry the high cost of complying with... more

Soil Pick

The Soil Pick is a selective excavator. Selective in the sense that it fractures, pulverizes and displaces porous and semi-porous soils, yet leaves nonporous objects unaffected. The Soil Pick excavates soil without risk of... more

Vapor Extraction Unit VEU

Determining the location of a leak in an underground gas line has long posed difficult problems for gas line repair crews. Although the gas line itself is easily located, the soil is often saturated, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the... more